Best Sports Academies in the World

Best Sports Academies in the World



Sporting talent is something that deserves to be nurtured from an early age.  If you have a child showing promise you may be interested to learn where the best sporting academies in the world are.  Here are just a few for you to choose from, all of which have global appeal and offer the best in sports coaching combined with academic grounding.


College du Leman Sarl


Located in the stunning backdrop of Geneva, Switzerland this facility welcomes international students from all over the globe.  Offering coaching and training in a whopping 40 sports there is plenty of opportunities to nurture talent here.  Particularly noted for golf this is an excellent location for those who make the grade.


Ashbury College


In Canada, Ashbury College is another great boarding school where students can get professional coaching in over 29 sports.  Thanks to the location you can sharpen skiing skills with fantastic Alpine courses and work on your tennis skills.


Springfield Commonwealth Academy


Also offering about 29 sports including water polo and wrestling this is another excellent choice for the aspiring professional athlete.  Currently ranked third in the world this facility can be found America and welcomes students from anywhere in the world.  Ye boarding establishment is first rate and children will get an excellent academic education here as well as a chance to hone their sporting prowess.


Phillips Exeter Academy


It is no surprise that America boasts a wealth of sporting facilities as they are well known for producing excellent athletes that compete at international level.  The track record for academic success is matched by the level of sports coaching on offer and students here can choose from ballet, football, ice hockey and 25 others.


Millfield College


In the UK you will find Millfield which has perhaps the best reputation in the country.  Many a great name can be found on their alumni list, and you can experience tuition in a wide range of sports here including polo and tennis.  It is a much-respected school that attracts students from all over the globe.



Another well know and respected British institution, Eaton College is an excellent place for water-based sports, particularly rowing.  It has a stunning backdrop and the education offered both sporting and academic is first rate.  Boarders come from all over the world to secure their place at this prestigious school.


Obviously, there are other academies that are very much tailored to one sport.  All of the international football clubs have junior academies, and again if you are nurturing a talent in football, these are great places but harder to get into.  However, scouts do attend training matches, and there are scholarships on offer around the globe.  It will mean putting the work in, but for those willing to make their sport their soul then getting into one of the best in the world is probably possible. Sporting competitions and events are a great place to find out more about the schools you are considering, and again staff may even be there and notice your child.











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