Best Sports Academies in the UK

Best Sports Academies in the UK


If you have a talented sporting child on your hands, you are naturally going to want to help them nurture their abilities and if possible be able to take it further.  From children who grew up dreaming of being the next David Beckham to those who were desperate to be the next Sally Gunnel, how do you best assist them in reaching their dreams?  Figures show that well over 33% of those who won medals for Britain over the course of the two most recent Olympic Games had a dual education, both academically and sporting wise at one of the best sporting academies in the UK.  So where should you be looking to send your child?


Millfield School


Nearly every report you read on the subject cites Millfield as being the best.  Coaching in a myriad of sports from swimming to polo this is considered the place to be. Their alumni list is impressive, to say the least, from rower Helen Glover to Chris Robshaw, England rugby giant.  The facilities are first-rate, and the statistics indeed speak for themselves.


Brighton College


Another excellent reputation follows Brighton College, and they have an excellent reputation in women’s cricket.  Boasting some of the biggest names in the game, they have a great set up with top ranking coaches so the chances of success, if you are looking for a place in international women’s cricket, are high.  All you have to do is put the work in.


Hampton and Eaton


If you are looking for a head start in rowing, then either Eton or Hampton would make excellent choices.  Perhaps the best well known in the field these water-based academies have stunning scenery to go along with their facilities and offer the best in coaching as well as an excellent academic grounding.




While there are other sports on offer, Wellington is one of those that stands out when it comes to rugby training.  It may not be the most significant independent facility but it certainly packs a punch, and the old boy’s list is impressive.  Again the academic results are also sound so you can be sure your child will get an all-round education as well as a foot up in the sporting world.


Reed’s School


Millfield certainly has a name for tennis as well as the other sports offered there, but another academy that stands out for tennis is Reed’s School in Cobham.  One of the most famous old boys from there being Tim Henman.  There are some impressive scholarships on offer here so if you have the talent it is worth giving the selection process a crack before becoming a fee payer.


One of the final things to consider is whether you have a boarding establishment or attend as a day pupil. To fully immerse your child in the culture and ensure they are available to meet every opportunity offered boarding is advisable. It enables entire devotion and practice time which cannot always be achieved if your child is not always on site.


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